2019 KRHA Show Schedule

Make sure to mark your calendar as we have several new and exciting announcements revolving shows and prizes!

March 2-3
April 27-28
July 24-28
August 24-25
October 19-20

We look forward to seeing everyone! Please contact us with any questions or ideas you may have or something you would like to see at the show!

Lakeside Stall Chart

Mar 2-3   Lakeside Arena Reining Classic      Showbill | Entry form | Results
* Earned points will count towards KRHA year-end

Apr 27-28  Justin Ricke Memorial                   Showbill | Entry form | Results

Jul 24-28   Clayton Classic                                Showbill |WATCH THE LIVESTREAM | Results

Aug 24-26 Luau Slide                                       Showbill | Entry form | Results

Oct 19-20  Trick or Treat Slide                        Showbill | Entry form | Results